Why Can’t We Just….Be?

We have allowed society to equate the appearance of a woman with her worth.

We have allowed society to tell women what they are worth.

We have allowed society to paint the picture of:

what a woman should be,

what a woman should do,

what a woman should say,

what a woman should look like.

The tiny box society has forced us into is stifling, isn’t it?

We must keep our figure-thin, but not too thin,

work hard, but not too much,

eat healthy, but not turn down a beer or donut because #socialmedia #doitforthedonut


speak our mind, but not too loudly,

be a homebody, but hey girl, don’t you know how to go out and have fun?

Why can’t we just….be?

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to fit in the tiny box?

Body image is the biggest societal offender.

We can be brilliant, brave, resilient, talented, but the second we gain weight, that equals failure.

We devalue our worth.

We trap ourselves in the tiny box-

People judge you, they know you’ve gained weight.

You’re denied. They’ll get the job because they look better than you.

No one will love you. You’ll be single forever.

We think we need to be fixed, like there is something wrong with us because we gained weight.

So, we binge or purge or restrict or hide or over exercise. We create lists of “bad” foods and deprive ourselves. We create deals, if I eat this, I’ll do that to work it off.

Why can’t we see that weight or someone else’s standard of beauty doesn’t define who we are?

If we constantly berate ourselves for how we look or how much we weigh, how can we ever truly appreciate our lives? Having an unbalanced relationship with our bodies and food or exercise nurtures an unbalanced life. We won’t feel “good enough” for anything.

That fear of weight gain, that fear of failure keeps you locked up tightly in unhealthy habits. You are “good enough” for anything you want. What you are eating is not necessarily the problem. When we diet, restrict, deprive and hate on our bodies, we are only poorly treating symptoms instead of focusing on the root cause of our insecurities. Instead of working from the outside in, we need to start working from within.

We are bigger than the tiny box we’ve been told to fit into.

I think it’s time we step out.

I think it’s time we’re proud of our bodies in every form, every stage, every day.

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