What Would Happen If We Started Trusting Ourselves?

The media, whether it be print or digital, has the sole purpose of making you feel a certain way. Their goal is to lay out information in a way that sways your thoughts in one direction or another. The health and wellness industry is huge. We’ve seen it all – from size 00 to a shredded 6 pack ab models telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, how we should and shouldn’t exercise, when we will feel our best and when we won’t, even what we should and shouldn’t wear.

Now, for the most part, no one is sitting there pointing a finger at you and yelling at you from the internet what to do. But, if you really dive into the advertising (yes, Instragram is one big ad) across the board, someone is telling you something is wrong with whatever you’re doing, who ever you are.

The media takes a look at who you are, the consumer, and picks apart what they think you want, how they think you want to look, act, be. Whether you’re easily persuaded or not, these ideals they are pushing seep into your thought process. How could you possibly escape it?

We are constantly bombarded with outside stimuli begging us to change this, change that, we’ll be healthy if you do this diet, or weigh this weight, do this exercise, wear these clothes.

When does it end?


That’s the world we live in. Social media and advertising is a thriving business that has played on our emotions for years, and will continue to do so. They’ve got things to sell, ideas to push, and they’ll do it no matter the cost.

Sometimes, most times…we start buying into it. We stop listening to ourselves, to our bodies. We look in the mirror and aren’t happy with what we see. So… we think, we must be missing something, right?

Maybe these other people are on to something. Maybe they know something I don’t. These outside influences start to makes us hate ourselves in order to teach us how to “fix” ourselves.

What would happen if we broke their control? What would happen if we started trusting ourselves, if we started believing our bodies are working for usnot against us?

What would happen if we believed that that person in the mirror is perfect with all the imperfections?

It’s not reality that we will wake up every day and love what we see. It just won’t happen. But, there is a reality that we can wake up every single day and love ourselves despite of what we see, love ourselves even if we’ve got bags under our eyes from staying up all night working on a project, love ourselves even if we’ve got some extra weight from enjoying a couple glasses of wine with friends, love ourselves even if we skipped the gym yesterday, love ourselves even if we ate some cookies with our kids.

That reality can be yours.

Ready to make it happen?

Let’s take the first steps together.



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