Make Peace With Your Plate

The health and wellness industry is massive, growing, expanding, and ever-changing. Social media is constantly spitting out new diets, new workout trends, new this, new that. It is 100% overwhelming. Honestly, what health really comes down to is the basics. We forget about them in our busy day to day lives and when we sit down to take back our wellness routines – we get caught up in the trend of the day or whatever influencers decide is popular for the week.

Let’s take some time to remember the simple things, the ideas and messages we already know, but often disregard in favor of some complicated ideal.

Basics, baby. They’re the key!

Body Basics

Every single body has a weight-a natural size and shape that makes it feel happy and safe. Not everyone was meant to be the same size and shape. Can you imagine if we all looked the same? How boring would that be?!

Bodies like and require variety. Stop restricting all the yummy stuff that this world has to offer. Make food fun. Make it colorful. Eat the rainbow.

You aren’t meant to be still all the time. Bodies crave movement. The ability to find stillness in life is an important piece of self care and whole body nourishment, but your body really thrives when your endorphins get moving! Find a movement practice that you love and look forward to. Keep it interesting. Muay That did that for me….it gave me a form a movement that I thoroughly enjoy. It opened up the fitness door for me and now I enjoy switching it up between a few different training styles from anything from strength and conditioning to yoga. Who knew I would end up running sprints and actually enjoy how I felt! Get adventurous, you never know what your body will fall in love with.

One thing that is often looked over, that our bodies so desperately need, is rest. Different than finding stillness, rest is time to recover. Sleep is a necessity for your body to heal from the stress of the day-physically and emotionally. Incorporate screen free time, meditation, or some sort of evening ritual into your life. Having down time before bedtime can help ease you into a longer, deeper sleep.

Got it?

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