Is Halloween A Scary Time For You?

Is Halloween a scary time for you?

It really can be for those trapped in the restrict-repent-repeat cycle. You feel haunted by your past choices, suffocated by the choices in front of you. With a house full of candy, here comes the full-blown candy binge, chocolate hangover and the vow to do better, be better tomorrow.

How did we get here?

With one single thought-“This piece of candy is “bad” for me.” Boom. When we label foods as “good” or “bad” we give that food control. NOw, we’ve given power to a candy and when we crave it or crave any “bad” foods we feel guilt or shame because it’s “bad.” Food labeling is a slippery slope, friends, because now we feel deprived-when we want it, we “can’t” have it.

When you think about something, it causes you to feel a certain way which in turn leads to specific results. One single thought about a food, a job, a friend, causes a reaction from you. If you aren’t happy with your results, ask yourself what you were thinking first. Change your thought, change your results.

Retrain your brain. Easier said than done, but give it a try. When a negative or destructive thought flows through your consciousness-put a halt to it. Re-frame it. I often like to think, is this how I would treat a friend, would I say this to someone I cared about? Being more mindful and aware creates space between your thoughts and your actions. When you increase your awareness to thoughts or patterns, you can start to break old patterns. When you are able to not act on your old triggers or thoughts, your new thought process will become your new reality….and that is where the magic happens.

So, if you have a piece (or two) this Halloween, munch on it proudly and enjoy every bite!

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