Are You Looking For The Quick Fix?

I was speaking to a client the other day and she was telling me that she is frustrated because she isn’t losing weight. Why is it taking so long? And it got me thinking…..even back to when I was deep into my body insecurities and diet obsessions. Why are we so fixated on the quick fix? Why can’t we embrace the journey of healing, of growing?

Why do we need a quick fix so badly?

I feel like that’s what the diet culture and society has taught us over the years. That you hop on the latest and greatest next diet, get the perfect body and then everything will be great. We have been conditioned to not do the work that offers long term transformation.

We’ve been conditioned to the convenience.

The quick magic pill diet, the online ordering (hey, Amazon….not knocking you)

Convenience is great but when it comes to your health and your relationship with your body, some effort needs to occur. You can’t just order a better relationship or mindset within yourself.

You can’t order a new improved mindset.

You can’t balance out your blood sugar levels or hormone levels overnight.

You’ve spent years abusing your body and to heal that and heal your relationship with your body, it takes time. Have compassion for yourself, give yourself some grace and open up your curiosity to growth.

When you feel rundown or something feels “off” it’s your body’s way of saying “hey, you listen up something is wrong” and it’s your job to do the work to try to fix it. Stop. Listen. Evaluate what’s going on. Put in effort. Heal. Transform. And then thank your body for sending you those simple reminders.

Taking the time and effort to build body acceptance, self worth and body love can change your life. Some simple tips to get you well on your way instead of hitting the next quick fix are:

1. Do self care check-ins daily-when something feels off, stop, listen and ask yourself, “what do I need right now in this very moment”

2. Have a daily gratitude journal-write out 5 things about your body that you love, something that you are grateful for. Filling your mind with gratitude instead of shame can do so much for your mindset.

3. Stop starving yourself-your body is hanging onto weight because it does not like being in starvation mode. Restriction and body shame only sabotages your results and will not speed up the process.

It’s not about the destination. Enjoy the journey. Embrace it, show yourself love to start building more trust and love for yourself and that’s where the magic happens. Your body is beautiful and when you show it more appreciation and love, you will naturally begin to see major shifts in your life.

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